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Vanisha Hurchund

Senior Finance Executive

At EllGeo Re since 2014, Vanisha radiates optimism, reliability and motivation, and is a key asset to her team 🙂 

A member of ACCA and MIPA, she also holds an advanced diploma in Accounting & Business. As our Senior Finance Executive, she enjoys her job thoroughly, and derives plenty of satisfaction from meeting her objectives 👩‍💻

Vanisha enjoys social gatherings, meeting new people and exploring new places. During her free time, she enjoys relaxing by listening to soft and soul-soothing music 🎶  For her, there’s always room for pasta and white chocolate. On another note, one thing we never understood at the office was how she could have a milkshake right after having a hot coffee…🥤

Vanisha goes through life by making each day count, and goes by the following saying ⬇️

“Make each day your masterpiece”

vanisha.hurchund@ellgeo.com 📧

+230 55000868 📞