An insight on the challenges faced by Women in today’s modern world with Hemlata Karooa – Vice President of The Insurance Institute of Mauritius

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What does #EmbraceEquity means to you?

It means creating an equal vantage for every woman…
Every woman’s struggle is different, so we should stop comparing our situation with other women, judging each other’s path/decisions and rather empower them taking into account their different conditions. There is no one-size fits all solution to uplift women and we should also bear in mind their different backgrounds and experiences. Women should be part of the solution and not the problem

Do you believe that #GenderBias is still predominant at work?

The world has made some progress towards resolving the gender bias issue and we find that women are now very ambitious and keen to grow their career, however many women say that gender bias is still present at work, and it makes them feel dismissed.

In October 2022, a survey was conducted by Samsung among 2,000 workers in UK where it was found that women are 3 times more likely to be asked to make hot drinks at work and twice as likely to be asked to do menial tasks such as arranging cards and gifts for colleagues or organising staff outings, despite being accomplished professionals. And if they say no, it’s most likely that another woman will be asked instead. It is high time that we move on from the patriarchal gender stereotypes and biases that we have inherited since yesteryears and give way to a more inclusive society where men and women share equal professional assignments

What’s the most valuable piece of advice you would like to pass on to women who want to grow in their career?

Be clear on your ambitions and know what you want first… One should know what they want to achieve before they set out on their journey to make it happen. Self- introspecting on your priorities and decide what percentage of your time you want to invest in those priorities will help along the path to growing yourself. Remember that there is no gain without any investment and no success without failure.

What is the challenge you believe women leaders are facing today?

One of the biggest challenge a woman leader faces is when they are being compared to their male counterparts.
Being assertive is considered as one of the main traits of a leader, however when women behave assertively, they may suffer a whole other set of consequences that men don’t typically experience and end up being labelled as ‘bossy’, ‘too aggressive’ and face backlash from their colleagues. Male leaders can express their assertiveness without incurring any penalties. This is double bind and needs to be tackled

What is my dream for women?

A future where women can play an increasingly impactful / influential role in society, business, and government.
Proper Menstrual Health Awareness being provided early to female teens to detect any medical conditions such Endometriosis and Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) which will help resolve the mental and physical ailments that women encounter in their later years.
Women across the world can make their own decisions related to their education, career, partners, family members, business, government including their own sexual and reproductive health without the fear of violence, punishment and being excluded from the society.

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