Francesca Sookahet, our new Administrative Assistant, shares her appreciation of a recent EllGeo Re’s CSR initiative

June 30, 2023 9:58 am Published by

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All it takes is a first step to make things happen…

Bring a bit of joy into one’s life. Contribute to the social inclusion and development of each individual, regardless of skin colour, differences or abilities. It’s something EllGeo Re values.

With the aim to encourage the well-being of each citizen in a society where life can be better, this IBL Group company has decided to support Cap Sunshine, an NGO whose mission is to use art and leisure activities to help people with special needs.

This includes young and old people suffering from Down syndrome. Like my little sister Ann-Grace, who will soon be 16, a child with both Down syndrome and autism, but who is a real ray of sunshine for our family.

Too often, judging the appearance and behaviour of children with Down syndrome outweighs empathy and understanding of the condition. Too often, families of children with Down syndrome find themselves alone, unaided, managing as they can all the attention and care these children need. But change is possible. And it begins with tiny steps, like EllGeo Re’s.

When the company told me it wanted to contribute to the cause of children with disabilities, to the human cause quite simply, I could not help but be touched. Because beyond business, beyond numbers, beyond profit, there is a human element. And EllGeo Re has understood that. This is part of why I joined the company almost two months ago.

The best is yet to come. I believe it! Sometimes, all it takes is a first step to make things happen…

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