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Ellgeo Re (Mauritius) Ltd (“Ellgeo Re”) ranks among the leading providers of reinsurance broking services in Mauritius.  After years of successful trading in the Indian Ocean region and having recently received the International Professional Partner Firm (IPPF) corporate status from the CII UK, we are turning our attention to the wider African continent, eager to tap on the growth opportunities that we believe will spur our growth focus.

We are pleased to introduce our newly-licensed reinsurance broking outfit in Kenya: Ellgeo Seagon Reinsurance Brokers Ltd.  Indeed, the Kenyan Insurance Regulatory Authority has, this month, issued us with a reinsurance broking licence.  We are teaming up with JW Seagon Group, an experienced and recognised insurance brokerage based in Kenya, which partnership we are excited about and which we strongly believe will deliver the long-term value we aspire to.

Kenya, a gateway to the Eastern and Central African market, hosting some 200 + foreign multinational corporations has been encouraging multinational companies to set up regional offices with the intention to create value add, help support the social and economic needs of a rapidly growing economy and raise its image and potential to rival other jurisdictions.


Through our presence in Kenya via Ellgeo Seagon Re, we are ready to offer a vast array of reinsurance products and solutions, which will contribute to the social and economic welfare of the region.  We come with a vast knowledge in; General Insurance Lines, Specialty Lines, Reinsurance Advisory Services, Claims Management & Recovery, Data Analysis, Treaty & Facultative solutions.  Moreover, amidst a constantly evolving landscape involving emerging risks, we focus on creating solutions targeting these new special lines of risks, with the support of partners across the insurance/reinsurance value chain.

As we see a future of prosperity for Kenya and its environs, we are committed to being part of the growth trajectory that the region is embracing towards achieving a better standard of business practice in the region.  We also are keen in bringing best practices and operational efficiencies that align with the declaration of commitment by African-insurance-industry Leaders to support the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, addressing issues ranging from climate change and ecosystem degradation to poverty and social inequality.  Ellgeo Re is proud to be a signatory of the Nairobi Declaration on Sustainable Insurance, and in our own little way, we are keen on making a contribution towards a sustainable future for all.

Swahili proverb –

“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.”



Why have you pursued a presence in Kenya?

We’ve been doing quite well in Mauritius, and as any business organisation, we are seeking to grow.  A lot is made, rightly so, of the potential that Africa holds, and we are keen to extend our wings to a larger area of operation.  As a first step, we are targeting the East African market, and our presence in Kenya is premised on the “hub” status of the country in the region.  I’d like to mention that our ultimate parent group, IBL, is also pursuing a number of investment projects in the region – the most recent being the acquisition of a stake in supermarket chain Naivas International, in partnership with Proparco and DEG.

How do you see Ellgeo Seagon Re contributing to the East African market?

Ellgeo Re has a proven track record and enjoys professional recognition – the latest being its International Professional Partner Firm (IPPF) status with the Chartered Insurance Institute, UK (CII).  We believe we can draw from our solid experience and years of successful trading, to deploy value-adding solutions to our target markets, all faced with a constantly-evolving risk landscape.  Our USP is a combination of our dedicated and knowledgeable personnel, our extensive contact list comprising reinsurers and risk-management professionals in myriad lines of business, and the drive to serve and share our savoir-faire with all clients and business partners.  We intend to stay true to our motto: LGO – Local, Global, Optimal…  Using our intimate Local knowledge, we look for the best solution possible from our Global resource and seek to develop an Optimal response to the reinsurance needs of our clients. And our partnership with J W Seagon is a very valuable resource that further strengthens our capability on the ground. It is one which complements the Ellgeo Re value proposition perfectly.

What message would you send to the market as you embark on this adventure?

We are excited at the prospect of engaging with an increasing number of business partners in a wider area of operation.  The team is driven to serve and is dedicated to client satisfaction, so we look very much forward to developing win-win partnerships in all areas we will venture into.  We are also very keen to learn from you, and we will use every opportunity to better understand and appreciate the various aspects of social and business culture, all of which will certainly make us finer professionals.  I look forward to our conversations in the near future.

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