EllGeo Re – Becoming an International Professional Partner Firm of the CII

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Ellgeo Re has recently received recognition as an International Professional Partner Firm (‘IPPF’) of the Chartered Insurance Institute, UK – an achievement which we are happy and proud of.

From humble beginnings in 2003, and throughout its almost 20-year-long journey so far, EllGeo Re has thrived in the reinsurance broking space in Mauritius and the Indian Ocean, to currently rank among the leading providers in the sub-region.  We have recently embarked on a mission to extend our offering to even more markets across Africa, and will look to bring to bear the capabilities that we have built up over the years.


We very much see our achievements to be a product of our continuous commitment to the development of our people, and to the advancement of the industry at large.  Indeed, by prioritising the professional advancement of our staff through relevant training, coaching and mentoring, and by contributing to industry-wide initiatives for the development of skills in the market at large, we believe that we are putting up the best foundations to bring about sustainable success for everyone in the industry.

Being an IPPF not only demonstrates commitment to professionalism, but it also shows that we embrace sound ethics in the way we conduct our business.  Indeed, at Ellgeo Re, we are committed to the sustainable development of our industry as well as the countries and communities that we operate in.  This is in line with our engagement as signatory of the Nairobi Declaration on Sustainable Insurance.

As we keep growing, it is important that we reinforce and uphold our position as a trusted partner on the local and international scene.  Hence, it means a lot to us that we have obtained formal recognition from the CII which for us is the reference within the industry in imparting the necessary knowledge, a culture of professionalism and ethics.  Our commitment to excellence could not have been better served!

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