Mauritius’ Insurance Market, East Africa Expansion and the OESAI Conference (Interview with Cover Magazine)

December 15, 2023 9:07 am Published by

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The 45th OESAI Conference, celebrating its 50th year, found a vibrant host in the picturesque island nation of Mauritius.

Tony, the interviewer, engages with Jean-Alain Francis, CEO of EllGeo Re and the local organising committee chair for the event. In this insightful interview, Jean-Alain shares his thoughts on hosting the conference, the dynamics of the Mauritian insurance market, and the company’s strategic foray into East Africa.


In addressing the theme of collaboration, Jean-Alain underscores the importance of existing initiatives and gatherings within the insurance industry. He advocates for increased engagement with younger professionals, viewing them as the key to advancing the industry in Africa. Encouraging education about the value of insurance and the creation of career opportunities for young people can help shape a positive future for the industry.

Furthermore, Jean-Alain emphasises the importance of promoting gender equality within the industry, acknowledging the significant role women play in driving change in certain markets. He sees conferences as platforms for sharing information and positive experiences, fostering a sense of unity and common purpose among industry professionals.

The emphasis on collaboration, education, and diversity highlights the industry’s commitment to growth and development across borders.

OESAI is not just a meeting of minds but a catalyst for shaping the future of insurance in the region. Ellgeo Re and the Mauritius insurance market made sure delegates to the 45th conference experience exactly that.

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