Shivna Ittoo Candasamy: New Head of Solutions & Analytics at EllGeo Re

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New role and new responsibilities equate to new challenges

Shivna’s most remarkable character trait lies, amongst other things, in her unwavering willingness to assist others. She has an impressive academic path, yet she remains humble and kind-hearted, always ready to generously share her knowledge with those around her. This altruistic nature was evident right from the start of her career journey at EllGeo Re in 2021.

Her exceptional work ethic, unwavering ambition, and strong determination set her apart. Recognising Shivna’s exceptional talents and contributions, she was promoted to the role of Senior Technical Executive within a remarkably short time frame in 2022. This advancement showcased her aptitude to tackle complex challenges and her ability to deliver outstanding results.

As she continued to demonstrate her exceptional skills and leadership qualities, it became evident that Shivna possesses the qualities necessary to contribute significantly to the strategic ambitions of EllGeo Re. As a testament to her capabilities, she has now been recently appointed as Head of Solutions and Analytics, earning her rightful place within EllGeo Re’s Leadership team. In her current role, her strategic vision and analytical acumen have become invaluable assets to EllGeo Re. In addition to managing and harnessing the company’s treaty reinsurance business capabilities, she will be responsible for spearheading the development and delivering specialist and innovative solutions on complex subject matters. “With the new role, I will have to stay ahead of the curve on emerging trends and best practices. I will also be in charge of developing bespoke analytics solutions that will enable EllGeo Re to not only remain at the forefront of industry advancements but to also provide a high level of service to clients. Claims and Enterprise Risk Management will also fall under my purview”, she explains.

How does Shivna see the future at EllGeo Re? Well, she’s very optimistic about it: “The future at EllGeo Re will be shaped by various factors, including increasing complexity of risks, evolving regulatory changes and advancements in technology. I believe the key challenges would be to stay agile and adapt our strategies whilst at the same time fostering innovation. Having said that, thanks to our strong foundation, I am confident that we can navigate the challenges and seize opportunities that arise in this dynamic industry. With the setting up of the Solutions & Analytics Team, we will work towards developing advanced and innovative approaches in order to provide cutting-edge solutions to our clients in this world of rapid change.”

The future at EllGeo Re is also set to extend beyond its existing geographical borders; the company having already established operations in Kenya. Shivna, on her part, aspires, with her new role to “serve a wider client base across the African continent and at the same time provide value to the clients we work with. This can be achieved by having a solid understanding of the local market dynamics we intend to operate in. It is fulfilling to see that EllGeo Re promotes a culture of diversity, in terms of the partners we work with, team skills and array of solutions provided. I have no doubt that we will continue to fully appreciate, and value the differences and unique qualities, of each client we work with”.

EllGeo Re also continues to be a step ahead in the creation of a culture that inspires learning and growth, and Shivna does feel that this is being noticed more and more by the partners: “Being recognised as an International Professional Partner Firm (IPPF), we endeavour to put professional development at the core of our activities and give the chance to everyone to succeed in their respective areas of specialisation. The above being said, I believe that we are poised for a prosperous future in the reinsurance broking industry”, she concludes.

Jean-Alain Francis, CEO, shares the whole team’s delight with Shivna’s appointment: “We are always keen to provide opportunities for the team to grow. Shivna’s progression is no surprise; she performs at high standards and is always engaged to serve clients and colleagues excellently. We are fully convinced that she will continue to excel in her new role and give us enhanced capabilities in the pursuit of our strategic objectives”.

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