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Anousha Rajcoomar

Claims Executive & Deputy MLRO

Her radiant smile would brighten up anyone’s day…  ☀️

Anousha joined EllGeo Re in 2009. Holder of a BSc (HONS) in Finance with Law and a Cert. CII (UK), she is our Claims Executive & Deputy MLRO. 👩‍💻  She finds her job meaningful and rewarding as for her, the reinsurance industry is all about protecting the society and providing hope in times of tragedy 🙏

Avid foodie by nature, she never met a lasagna she didn’t like and she’s always up for a glass of red wine 🍷  Anousha loves the freedom that cycling offers, and never misses an opportunity to go for a ride with friends or family 🚴‍♀️  Happiness, for her, is coming home and knowing her dogs Luca, Gypsee and Hela are here to greet her 🐶

If there’s one proverb that shapes her life, it would be this one ⬇️

“Do not dwell on the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.” – Buddha

anousha.buljore@ellgeo.com 📧

+230 55000869 📞