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Chitra Kailaysur

Finance Executive & MLRO

Meet Chitra, an accomplished professional with a diverse background in shipping, insurance, and now a valuable member of EllGeo’s team. With 14 years of shipping industry experience, she excels in logistics and international trade. Three years ago, she ventured into insurance, proving her adaptability and financial acumen. Chitra holds postgraduate and BSc degrees in finance-related fields, displaying both quantitative skills and market knowledge.

Her green belt certification ignited a passion for continuous improvement and innovative problem-solving. Beyond her career, Chitra’s love for reading enriches her life and broadens her perspectives. Now part of the esteemed EllGeo team, her multidimensional expertise is sure to make a lasting impact.

Her life is guided by a powerful and uplifting motto: “I am possible” from every “Impossible.” This mantra encapsulates the essence of her unwavering determination and positive outlook on life.

chitra.kailaysur@ellgeo.com 📧

+230 59192923 📞