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Prakash Ramgolam

Chief Financial Officer

Prakash Ramgolam reckons over 28 years’ experience in the insurance industry, most of it being in Reinsurance. He joined EllGeo Re at its very beginnings in 2003, and is a fellow member of ACCA (UK) 🙂

Being a qualified accountant, our CFO is responsible for managing the company’s finances, including financial planning, financial reporting, budget management, record keeping and delivering business efficiency through software applications 📊  Enjoying the enabling environment at the office, Prakash thrives on the freedom he has and takes great satisfaction in developing software solutions to solve complex problems and automate work processes 💡

He devotes his leisure time to gardening, which is a source of great delight to him 🌼  Being a very health conscious person, his drink of choice is green tea…no sugar, please!

He believes the only way to change our lives is by changing our minds. Whatever we want in life, we should start today, not tomorrow.

▶️  Happiness comes from starting today!

prakash.ramgolam@ellgeo.com 📧

+230 54216960 📞